Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Silly Wedding Ideas

I'm not going to be a "traditional" bride and we aren't having a formal wedding.  That's not who B and I are as a couple.

There's a chance my dress won't be crisp white, but rather in the champagne or blush realm depending on my skin tone.  I am indifferent about this whole veil concept and right now, there's a possibility we won't have flower girls or a ring bearer.  After watching a less than stellar performance by a show-stealing ring bearer recently, I've kind of changed my mind on the whole little kids in the wedding thing.  

Here are four small, silly wedding touches that we're strongly considering:

Song Line

There will be dancing at our wedding.  B and I have already kicked around some ideas for our first dance, but that's a secret until the wedding day.   However, I love this idea of including a song request space for the guests.  It will definitely help when making the play list!

Waffle Bar

Okay, this one is more appropriate for the bridal shower, but I still think a waffle bar would be quite fun.  I love waffles (um, hello, it's what we named our pup) and I can steal brown butcher paper from work. 

Candy Favors

There's an old-fashioned candy store close to my mom's house, so we could stock up on candy in bulk.   I'd rather do something like this than traditional favors because then people can get what they want!  I do already have a few glass vases, but could borrow more from friends to cut down on the supply cost.

Relationship Questions

We'll probably put out madlibs on each table, but I like these relationship questions as well.  When the wedding is done, I can totally scrapbook them into our wedding album.

Thank you to my lovely officiant for sending me {buzzfeed articles} that assist in the wedding planning!

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