Saturday, August 22, 2015

Day 1 Goals

I was talking with another member of my DEN tribe about his first day of teaching fifth grade.  Mr. C, you'll be great! Don't sweat it!

I started thinking about what my goals are for day one and I realized they're quite simple.

My goal for day 1 is all about my students and their feelings.  I want them to leave room 71 feeling excited, supported, cared for, and enthusiastic about fifth grade.  I want them to feel challenged by our first day word problems (yes, first day of school means word problems).  I want them to be ready to come back and try their best again tomorrow.

The learning will come.  The notebook set up will come.  The team builders are imbedded throughout our day.  But I only have one chance to make a first impression and i want them to feel good about fifth grade. 

What are your goals for your first day of school?

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