Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Try It Tuesday

I've had a rough few days.  

Between unpredicted backlash after what was supposed to be a joyous day and finding a live scorpion in the house, ready to sting one of my fur babies, I've been on edge.  I was furious that I needed to call the pest control company for the third time in six weeks to come back out and spray, but my six month issue with them is another story. Our cable company was consistently changing their rates and story, which only lead to further frustration.  Essentially, I've been feeling a lot like this:

But I'm holding in my inner she hulk. 

I was humiliated by a family member on social media completely out of the blue.  The situation was blown way out of proportion, I truly did nothing wrong, and I was publicly shamed without just cause.  My perception of this person has changed and I am having a very hard time moving forward.  I've spent a lot of time crying about this mind boggling situation.

Instead of commenting and sparking a fight on Facebook for all the world to see, I simply untagged myself and set a text message, inquiring as to what the concern was and asking why this wasn't addressed privately.   I am dissatisfied with the response and lack of resolution, but I am working on forgiving this person.  

I did not retaliate, though it was suggested I would.  I'm not that kind of person.  

Instead of focusing all my energy on what's going wrong, I'm focusing on what's going right.

I had tremendous support from friends who saw the hurtful words and reached out to make sure I was alright.  They sent loving and gentle reminders of the type of person I try to be: kind, giving, thoughtful.  They offered words of support and prayer, both of which were appreciated.  

So for try it Tuesday, I challenge you to look around and see what's going right.  Look for the positives.

It's so easy to focus on the hurt and negativity that surrounds us.  It's a struggle to find the good things some days.  When you've been scorned, it seems impossible.

But you can do it.  I can do it.  Let's spread positivitiy.

Yesterday, I had a two hour lunch date with two wonderful women at work.  We talked about their family vacations, their babies (both boys are a few months old), and my upcoming wedding.  There was nothing but love, Starbucks, friendship, and cake pops.

(I haven't succombed to the whole coffee drinking thing, but I'm in love with their peach green tea lemonade!)
I also went to Joann's in search of classroom things, but instead found some very cute craft items for my wedding in the magical clearance land.  Plus I had a 20% off my whole purchase coupon, which just made it better.

I went grocery shopping and stocked the fridge with healthy salads.  Eating right is connected with feeling right, so I'm pleased to try to make these healthy life style modifications.

I had a twenty minute chat with my bestie before she heads off on vacation for a week.  She's going to snag some Mayan post cards for my munchkins because she's amazingly thoughtful like that.

This morning, while i relaxed in our hammock, I got to watch Waffles run around and play in her pool.  She is so excited about everything and I'm enjoying this puppy stage.  She'll go from frantically chasing a bird to snoring next to me on the couch in a matter of minutes.  I'm so glad we rescued her.  Even when I'm furious at what she ate (air conditioning insulation, a tissue box, and a pumice stone...all in the same day), I have to remember that she's teething and 4 1/2 months old.  Then she looks at me with her puppy eyes and her ridiculous ears, and all is forgiven.

Seriously, how does this face not make you happy?

I get to return to my classroom tomorrow. I'm so excited for year seven and to implement some new strategies I learned from my DEN tribe.  I get to decorate my classroom and create a happy learning environment for my students.  

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on TpT lately and it's nice to feel appreciated.  I make all my products for my own bunch of students, but I share my resources with others.  It's nice to know their students are using (and loving) them too!

I feel valued and appreciated by my fellow colleagues. 

 Seriously, I hit the teaching jackpot with my school.  My first school had some amazing people, but also some stinkers.  At my new school, it seems everyone supports everyone.  We are there to learn from each other, to inspire our students, and to have fun.  

Yes, we take our jobs seriously, but we also have lots of fun while doing it.  I think that fun component is super important.  What other job has administrators supporting a prank war to deal with end of year stress?!  (More on that later.)

What's going great in your day? What positive moments are you going to focus on?

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