Thursday, August 6, 2015

The joy...

I've only taught in one district, so I'm not sure if other teachers have the joy of mandatory videos before the start of the school year.  We aren't technically given time to watch the videos, it's just assumed we'll magically have free time on a prep to do them.  However, like most teachers, I choose to knock them out before I head back to school.

This year, I logged in and saw that I have 11 mandatory videos and quizzes to take.  ELEVEN.  Some are ten minutes, some are over an hour.  Most have quizzes.  You can't skip through the slides, even if you're a fast reader, and must wait for the monotone voices to finish.  As an added bonus, they often like to freeze in the middle and restart, testing both my patience and sanity in the process.

I understand why the videos are necessary. I understand that some teachers make beyond inappropriate choices with students.  But these videos are dull and are going to take the entire day.

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