Sunday, August 9, 2015

Classroom Crafts Recap

I'll be the first to admit that sometimes I spend too much time on Buzzfeed.

However, today I stumbled upon {an article} about 35 DIY classroom crafts and was hooked! 

Here are my recap thoughts:

1) Who is Where Board

Most of the ideas would take up too much space in my classroom.  It's not that I have a small room, but it's that fifth graders are much larger than first graders.  Higher numbers also mean that I'd need double of various things.

This "who is where" board for example:

Love it, however, it's not going to reasonably fit 34 magnets on it with student names.  My students struggle with remembering their numbers.  In case of an emergency, I'm not going to quickly remember who #18 is, so I'd want to put their names on the magnets...which means larger magnets and more space.  Realistically, I'd need two and then students would not put their numbers back on the right boards and then waste time finding their number...sigh.  So many different ways for this to fail with my fifth graders. 

It's cute...just not practical. 

2: Ziplock bag pockets

This I can get behind!  It'd be great for students to store flash cards or little reminders that go home to parents.  They could choose the duct tape and if it rips, there wasn't a large time or financial commitment to the task. 

3: Detergent Caps

I struggle with students and their pencils.  I'd love for each student to have a pencil box, but am unwilling to buy 34 of the same sized ones.  Plus pencil boxes tend to accumulate pencil shavings and secret notes, so I don't love them.  These however, could be a solution!

(If you'd like to contribute detergent lids to my craft project, I'd appreciate it!)

4: Crystal Lite Containers

They've been recovered and magnets have been added.  I like the idea of storing my markers horizontally to help them last.  I don't like the idea of permanent markers being stored so close to my white board because I see me using the wrong one. 

5: Old Tee Shirts

Oh yeah, did this my first year!  I've got ASU ones in my classroom.

6: Frosting Containers

The blog mentions using them to hold small items.  I'd use them to hold bulletin board borders!

7: Metacognition Paint Chips

 I use colored {responding cups} instead! 

8:  Pom Pom Erasers

Yeah...these look good for about thirty seconds.  I just have students use a sock instead.  

What craft projects do you have in your classroom?

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