Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Planning for a magical wedding

My love of Harry Potter isn't a secret. 

I'm trying to find small, subtle ways to incorporate this love into my wedding.  B isn't as much of a die-hard fan, so many of the ideas found in these {Buzzfeed} {articles} while wonderful, would be unfair to him.

However, there are some ideas I think I want borrow:

Photo Booth Props

These are pending in my {Etsy cart} as I type, I just have to wait to buy them.  (Sadly classroom supplies come first this month.)  I thought about making them myself, but after buying all the colored card stock and meticulously cutting out those Gryffindor stripes on the tie, I thought it'd be worth my time to splurge on the pre-made ones.  Plus I can reuse them for post-wedding activities!

Head Table Decor

Yes, I want these. Yes, they will be displayed in our home after the wedding.

Really, I'm just excited for this upcoming magical day (okay, weekend) where we get to celebrate with our closest friends and family.  While I would love to have the budget to invite everyone who matters to us, that is simply not the case.  I hope friends understand. 

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