Sunday, August 23, 2015

Come on in!

A few days ago, I posted some {classroom pictures}, but I thought I'd add a few more.

Tomorrow marks day one, year seven of teaching fifth grade.  I'm sure I'm in for a restless night, but I've got thirty five ten year olds awaiting me, so I'll put on my game face and make the day amazing.

We were given these updated print outs for our Reading Ranger program.  Instead of just laminating them, I took the extra step to add some polka dot borders:

I think it makes it much cuter!  As an unintended bonus, they remind me of Minnie Mouse and a little Disney never heart anyone.

I also took the print outs of the Reading Ranger level expectations and put them in page protectors.  I bundled the page protectors with a book ring and hung them on a jumbo sized push pin.  They're still accessible to students, easily moveable, and take up much less wall space.  A win for all!

While we're near those signs, here's my reading corner:

Yes, that is an ASU t-shirt pillow you spy!  The yellow text books are the social studies ones that will go inside their desks.  One entire bookshelf is dedicated to Harry Potter, the Series of Unfortunate Events, and various books by Rick Riordan...and I'm not ashamed of it!

Here's an updated shot of our classroom command center:

I moved my diffuser and electronic sharpener to near my desk so they can be closely monitored!  

Our mystery bucket:

I draw a stick and specifically watch that student in line.  This year, instead of adding student/teacher points (because I'm {skipping that} this year), that student (if successful) will earn points in class dojo.  

This is what my students walk into:

There is a large welcome banner and blank desks (minus their water bottles, which are a first day treat.  They say I hope you're thirsty for knowledge.)  There is nothing inside their desks.  We will build our desks together.

Here's the ever-growing stack of agendas I'll pass out:

Along with our 8 math practices:

Here's some of the copies I'll need the first week.  Emphasis is on some.  

I can't wait until my classroom is filled with my students. I've been a bit lonely in there all by myself!


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