Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bridal Party and Pictures

I've kind of talked to part of my bridal party about very basic wedding ideas, but I found this {awesome post} about wedding pictures with my maids.

B and I had a wonderful dinner at one of our favorite {Las Vegas restaurants} and talked about some more wedding details.  We are looking at venues next weekend and my goal for the end of September is to have a venue and date picked.  We'll also have confirmed our bridal party, so that's exciting!

We talked about honeymoon ideas and the bridal shower for a little bit before I (understandably) lost his attention to Italian food.  One of the pictures that are on my "must have" list is a last kiss.  After the rehearsal dinner, I want one more last "single girl" kiss.  We won't have any contact with each other after the rehearsal dinner and I want this last unmarried picture.

On the subject of pictures, here are some shots I can't wait to get with my bridesmaids:

Confetti toss:

On the plus side, I also really like the color of those dresses!  If we go with a spring wedding, that may be one of the shades!

How we met:

I do love chalk boards!

Group hugs:

So cute!


My wedding day will be a celebration of B and I starting the next chapter of our lives.  I want it to be a day filled with laughter, so it shouldn't be too hard to get a shot like this.  Plus my maids are ridiculous.

In the bridal suite:

Girl time at its finest!

I'll make sure to tell my photographer about these must-have shots!

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