Sunday, August 2, 2015

Currently in August

A few months ago I saw Bailey at Brave Love, which is a super fun blog that you should also follow, doing "currently" blog posts and I decided to give it a try!

Reading... nothing :(  I just finished The Blood of Olympus last night and my copy of Love and Logic isn't here yet.  I'm also eagerly awaiting Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard but that's not due out until October.

Playing... various silly iPad games. I recently found Oregon Trail and the inner eight year old inside is thrilled. No one has died of dysentery yet!

Watching... nothing currently, but lately there have been epic amounts of TLC's (ridiculous) bridal shows. B even watched a few hours of "Say Yes to the Dress" with me.  He also asked if I'm going to have two gowns.  (The answer is no.)  I'm eagerly awaiting the next season of Once Upon a Time and Arrow to be on Netflix!

Trying... to be productive while still enjoying my last few weeks of summer.  I'm trying to knock out small wedding crafts like these:

We'll do a questionnaire at our engagement shower in Sept and have people vote on who they think the statement applies to: me or B.  He has mustache ones that are currently drying.

Cooking... nothing! Just enjoying left overs.

Eating... healthier, or at least trying to! 

Drinking... a mimosa.  It's Sunday morning, it's brunch time!

Calling... no one. I'm enjoying quiet time.

Texting... my gals.  I will be off to deliver Jamberry wraps in a bit!

Pinning... wedding ideas.  (Mom, I added you as a collaborator, so you can pin ideas to the wedding board too!)

Tweeting... about my pets. I love them.  Sorry twitter & instagram followers!

Going... to the DMV this week.  I'm expecting it to be an all day adventure on Wednesday, so I'd better find a new book to read. 

Loving... naps. Plus they're encouraged during the summer!

Hating... how frequently I burn myself on the hot glue gun. I am an adult, gosh darn it! I should be able to handle the glue gun.  Also hating that the naps will be severely limited again.  Oh, and hating Waffles's love of cat poop. 

Discovering... patience.  Walks with Waffles are still an adventure.  Yesterday there was a roller blader and that was simply terrifying for her.

Thinking... about what I still need for my classroom.  I stocked up on new highlighters (although I probably need another pack of six) but am sure I need new markers, pencil sharpeners, and colored pencils for the buckets.  Good thing there are Target coupons AND Cartwheel's discount.

Feeling... lots of emotions about the end of The Blood of Olympus.

Hoping (for)... a good bunch of kiddos this year!

Listening (to)... nothing.  B is out with friends and I'm enjoying the television being off.

Celebrating... Mike & Monique's upcoming wedding!  My future siblings in law are getting married Saturday and I'm excited for them.

Smelling... nothing. Thank you allergies.

Thanking... friends for their love and support on all the wedding matters.  Thank you for not letting me be a bridezilla and giving me a few minutes each convo to provide them with updates before we talk about all the other exciting things in our lives.

Considering... a walk with Waffles before it gets too hot.

Starting... to get excited for back to school!  Not the work part, but the seeing my friends on a daily basis part! (In other words, I sound like a teenager.)

Finishing... folding laundry.  There are only two of us and it frustrates me, so I can only imagine how much there will be when there are kids involved.

What are YOU up to currently?

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