Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Blood of Olympus

With the exception of the final Harry Potter novel, I don't think I've ever been more nervous to finish a book.  

Earlier this week I finished The Blood of Olympus, which was the tenth adventure involving Percy Jackson and friends.  I was really pleased with how everything was wrapped up emotionally at the end. I was also very proud of how Rick Riordan handled one of his main characters dealing with his homosexual feelings as well as feelings of isolation and depression due to feeling like an outsider.  (I mean, his dad is Hades after all.  It's not like he's the most well-liked god of Olympus.)  This book did an amazing job of tackling some tough topics in such a gentle way.

My 59 page teacher guide is now available {here}.  I have vocabulary suggestions for each chapter, comprehension questions (with suggested student answers) and homework/responses to literature.  I've also imbedded extension activities and project ideas for students.

My chronological order sort should be available tomorrow!  I had plans of finishing it while at the DMV this morning, but it was far too loud.

I'm sad to see my literary friends go, but know it's only a few short months until the next series is unveiled!


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