Thursday, August 20, 2015

Back to Work, Days 1 and 2

It was really, really nice to go back to work.

We were greeted with donuts and a present:

The sticky label said "we're the sharpest teachers around!" 

We did a few delightful ice breaker games, went over our data from last year, and talked about new procedures.  We decided on committees (I'm co-chair of Sunshine and on the math committee) and had time to meet with both our committees and our grade levels. 

Our long range plans are done and most of the copies and lesson plans for the first week are done as well. 

Oh, and Cafe Rio was provided for lunch.  Thank you admin!

Thursday brought an entire day of classroom prep and grade level planning.  It was amazing.  PTA splurged for lunch and we got a lot accomplished.  My room is almost done and I took home some first week prep (cutting) because I can do that while watching Netflix.

However, I am exhausted.  I've put in two twelve hour days and tomorrow will be another long one.  I've been productive and know that I'm a perfectionist.

I stumbled upon {this article} and it reminded me why I'm a teacher.   

Thank you Candice for noticing teachers! I've put a lot of work into my classroom and eagerly await my 33 fifth graders.

I'm ridiculously excited about this school year! 

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