Tuesday, July 28, 2015


From the start, DENSI 2015 is purposefully filled with intentional activities, sessions, and conversations meant to hone our craft as educators.  

One of the opening sessions focused on passion projects, which is similar to Ted Talks, but this time focuses on DEN Speaks.

One of the opening questions was simply this:

Why do you teach? 

The room immediately exploded into conversations, some with tears, about making a difference in students' lives.  Teachers from all over the country (as well as Canada and the UK) shared stories about that one student who was particularly difficult, but they were able connect with and positively impact.

For once, I didn't join the conversation.  I simply sat back and soaked in the inspiration, the joy, the passion of teaching.  I took the time to listen to others and not just wait for my turn to speak. Sitting at the table with teachers who have been changing lives for longer than I've been alive was a very humbling experience.

That is what it should feel like when I'm surrounded by other teachers.  I don't want to be in a cloud of negativity, I want to be inspired by the passion in others.

So let's continue that conversation: Why do you teach?

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