Monday, July 27, 2015

Bad Bride

I've already expressed this to both my mother, B, and the world of facebook, so I can share here:

I am going to be a bad bride.

Today I was at my local craft store picking up some more things for the engagement shower.

I found these:

Which I'll hot glue to Popsicle sticks to for responses for an engagement shower game.  I'll store them in these beauties ($1 each, thanks Target!).

I haven't decided if I'll add a black and white polka dot ribbon or a chalk circle (with A & B) to each but I want to do something to jazz them up.  I'll probably go pick up three more for utensils, but possibly in black.  It all depends on what color I get silverware (because I don't want them to match, I want a contrast).

I'd had a vision of making a banner like this:

With these supplies:

But midway through today's errands, I found this:

All I need to do is add thick black letters, which I can easily print at work or free hand myself.  There is less chance of me messing it up and it already has polka dots!  This was also the option B liked better and the best part? This banner was $4 at Target (as opposed to the almost $30 I spent at the craft store...good thing I saved the receipt because I'll be returning that stuff next week.)

Would both be cute? Of course.  However, I'm choosing to go with the one that is both easier to make and cheaper.  Win win!

I also picked up these blank signs for the photo booth:

Did you know these signs are half as much as the pre-printed ones? I will gladly save a few bucks by writing the sayings myself.  Plus they can be more personalized this way.

After looking through the craft and party planning aisles, I wandered to the bridal aisle...and that's where things went wrong.

Most of the bridal aisle was overwhelmingly too feminine.  I'm marrying a man.  He does not want ornate lace, pearl, and floral wedding invitations.  I do not want large feathers or bejeweled sparkling white tree branches. I do not want monogrammed napkins.

Here's a collection of things that have no place in our wedding:

(If you had these things in your wedding, I'm sure it was lovely and you found a way to make it work in an elegant way.  I however, don't want them in mine.)

Jeweled food stands. ($60)

I know my friends and family.  This will be beyond dirty with dropped food and a pain to clean.  Just no.

I don't even know what the purpose of these feathery wands are but the craft store had lots of options.  Perhaps they line the aisle? Go in flowers?  Are table decor?

All I can think of is how much fun my cats would have playing with this...which is a clear sign that it does not belong in my wedding.  Feathers and jingle bells? I'll pass.

I'm not opposed to candles as table decor.  However, these blinged out ones? From a distance, I thought the jewels looked like eye that's a no go.

A fancy, formal pen for the guest book.  This wouldn't work for our guest book but more importantly, this means only 1 guest at a time could sign the book.  Also $25 is a tad ridiculous for a pen.  

Know what we'll use for our guest book? 


Why? They are permanent, I know they'll work, and they are thick enough for our wood guest book.  As an added bonus, I'll get to reuse them.  One can never have enough sharpies.

Fake diamond place holders.  Again, why? 

I like "bride" things, but I think I'd prefer "wifey" since you know, that's the whole point of the marriage.  I don't think I need a special make up bag for the day.  I don't think the bridal party needs them either.

The aisle went on from there.  My favorite item, which I should have snapped a picture of, was bejeweled straws.  Seriously? Straws?  I feel like that's a choking hazard...

I did find a small gift for my mom and for B's mom for the engagement shower, but that is all that was purchased. 

There was another bride in the aisle, very loudly arguing with her bridal party about the number of bejeweled sparkling tree branches with hanging gems that they needed for the wedding. 

(Zero is the answer ladies.)

I'm clearly a "bad bride" because:

1) I'm on a budget and not at all ashamed of it.  It's one magical weekend that I don't want to spend five years paying off.

2) I don't think everything needs to be monogrammed.  Or bejeweled.  Or glittery. Or perfectly matching.

3) I don't want super floral invitations. 

4) I don't need specialty items for the day (like the guest book pen) that are way more expensive then necessary.


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