Thursday, July 30, 2015


So it's almost August and I'm painfully aware that soon I'll have to return to work.  I'll have to get dressed each day and wear shoes all the time. (Teacher problems, I know!)

I had such ambitious summer goals in terms of reading...and I haven't done much of it.  I also haven't done the long range mini-lesson writing plans that I'd planned...oops.

To ease back into the routine, I have:

-Started my first week lesson plans.  Granted, I only have math done...but I think that's excellent progress.  I have a rough sketch of what I'd like to do each day, but it's more just putting them into Curriculum Engine and figuring out what materials I need.

-Turned on my alarm.  Granted, Waffles gets me up around seven am most days so there hasn't been much sleeping in occurring over my summer break.   I don't think the adjustment will be too painful.

-Purchased a few classroom supplies.  I needed a new electronic pencil sharpener since the motor died in mine last year.  I also was running quite low on highlighters, so I stocked up on thirty of them.  Staples had supplies for much cheaper than other stores!
-We took Waffles for her first walk this evening.  I tried yesterday but we encountered a baby bunny and well, that was just terrifying for her.  Tonight both B and I were home, so after we conquered the harness, she went all the way around the block!  She's now exhausted.  She'll be getting a morning and evening walk to help her get out all of her energy.

-Bought new wedges for the first week of school.  Putting my best foot forward does include the best shoe (They were half off! Score!) I also gave myself a pedicure to match!

-Finished up some small classroom crafts.  I'm excited to get back in my classroom and organize my space!

-Start each day with a purpose.  I found this {helpful article} and I'm excited to give it a try!  I will never tackle everything on my work to do list and that's something I just have to be okay with.  This will help me with my anxiety about it.

Fellow teachers, how are you preparing for back to school?

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