Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wedding planning continued

Ahh, the engagement bliss.  Luckily I haven't been super bombarded with a plethora of inquisitive questions about the date, dress, and colors...because I don't know any of that!

Our engagement period will be at least a year, so there's time to hammer down those details.

I did find two venues that I like and want to see in person.  My mom will hopefully be able to come up in the coming months to look at them with us.

We did decide to have an engagement party with our friends and family, again hopefully when my mom is up here too!  Perhaps over Labor Day weekend?

I asked B about his feelings on a wedding website and I got the complete blank stare, so I think that means it's my decision...which will probably be a go!

I asked M to be our officiant over dinner last week while at Olive Garden.  She said yes to marrying us!

The sign says "We can't say I do without you" and the reverse side says "Will you marry us?"

M & B have been friends for over a decade.  Her and I worked together for years.  We met at her birthday party.  There is no better person to marry us then the one who brought us together.  Plus she'll make the ceremony funny and won't butcher our names.

I'll be asking my bestie to be my MOH tomorrow when I pick her up from the airport.  She loves being greeted by signs, so the front has her name and various quotes from Parks & Rec (one of our favorite shows).

Here's the sign:

I'm hoping I can find some nice person in the airport to take pictures of the moment!

I used craft signs and chalk board paint markers to make these.  I haven't figured out who my other bridesmaids are or how I'll ask them yet, but I've got the officiant and MOH decided!

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