Sunday, July 26, 2015

Prioritizing (updated)

One of the most practical pieces of advice I read in a bridal magazine was to make a list of must have's, would like's, and can pass.  I made my list and had B to the same.  

Not surprisingly, our lists were quite similar.

My must have's include a pretty dress (within my budget), good food, an open bar, good photography, and a photo booth of some sort.  (We haven't decided if we'll be renting a photo booth or doing a DIY version.)

His must have's are the same, minus the dress and with the addition of having his friends and family there. 

I'd like to do a candy/dessert bar that could double as the wedding favors.  We don't really want to do beer koozie, bottle openers, or shot glasses (no offense friends who have done them) because they've been at every wedding we've been at recently.  He's not in love with this idea, so there will be more discussions until we can find something we both like as a wedding favor.

I started thinking about items that are in a traditional wedding ceremony and what the "typical" must-haves are...and I don't really like all of them.

An elaborate cake isn't really a priority.  We'll have some sort of cake and I'm sure it will have silly cake toppers, but I'd rather go the cupcake route.  We can have a few options and they're easier to eat.

I'm thinking some sort of display like this:

(I don't like the cake, colors, or cupcake designs...just the display).

I have no interest in a fancy aisle runner, much less a personalized one.  Ones I looked at were upwards of sixty dollars and let's be honest, there's no way to reuse that long piece of fabric that just got walked on.  

My favorite aisle runner? Chalk.  (Of course, venue & weather permitting)


Forever starts here:

Still as cute, but washes off in the rain.  Plus way more personality than the traditional aisle runner.

Another idea I'm indifferent about? A professional DJ.

One of the gems from DENSI 2015 was festify.  Basically someone will run the computer (festify pulls songs from spotify) and guests can vote on their phones as to what song comes up next.  The DJ (friend) can override the song choices and guests can be involved in a fun new way.  Plus none of our friends have used this before!  Fingers crossed it's still a free app when it's wedding season.

Things we've cut:

A unity candle and worse, the sand art version.  

We have two very inquisitive cats and a teething puppy.  We plan to have children.  This just get broken and make a very large mess.


We're getting married in the off season to not only save money but so it won't be ridiculously hot outside (again, you're welcome guests!).  I toyed with the idea of programs that could double as fans, but if the temperature is in the 70 degree range, that won't be needed.  Truly very few people save programs so I don't think they'd be missed.  

Instead, I'll be crafting something like this:

(Thanks Buzzfeed for the image...and the {article})

I've found a smaller chalkboard version at Marshall's, so it shouldn't be too tricky.  Worst case scenario is I can buy a wood frame or old mirror and some chalk board paint to recreate this.

And for those that really like programs, they can take a picture and have it printed.

Disposable Cameras & Wedding Hashtags

My guests all have smart phones.  We've heard good things about Wedpics, which is a free app that we'll ask our guests to download.  Also, I don't know what is with the wedding hashtags for twitter & instagram, but I think we'll be skipping that.

Recently married folks, what were must have's?  What are things you skipped?

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