Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The answer is yes.

I love my tribe.

I love that they understand the great loves of my life.  

Especially my love of Shark Week.

In sixth grade in ELP (extended learning program, Arizona's version of GATE/TAGS), we did an entire year on oceans.  My research project was on Megalodon.  We dissected a shark and yes, I took part of it home.  My mom wasn't pleased when she found it in my room several weeks later.  (Sorry mom!)

I did discover that I'm not a fan of cold water diving...or sand, which put a damper on my dreams of being a marine biologist.  I obviously took another career path and couldn't be more pleased with my choice to become a teacher.  (Okay, there are moments of doubt but they usually coincide with ridiculous amounts of grading or difficult situations.)

That being said, I love Shark Week.  I understand the critiques that it contributes to fear mongering and appreciate that Discovery has taken that into consideration with recent programming choices.  

I rocked some shark week nails for most of July.  

I tweeted, frequently, about wanting a Shark Week chum bucket while at DENSI.

So when not one, but three people sent me messages about this blanket within an hour, I couldn't feel more loved:

Thank you tribe for knowing the way to my heart.  The answer is yes, this is an amazing blanket that I would love to own.

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