Sunday, July 26, 2015

Teacher Favs

Fifth in the Middle and Fancy Free in Fourth are two of fun teacher blogs I follow (and you should too!).  

She just did a post about teacher favorites and (not) surprisingly, ours were quite similar! Great minds must think alike.

Here are some of my favorite teacher things!  Some of them make my classroom run smoother and some of them just make my heart happy.  I wish I'd had all these things on day one, year one of teaching!

I think I must have asked PTA to do a little too much laminating for me because for teacher appreciation week, I "mysteriously" won a free laminator!  I use this beauty to laminate all my {centers and sorts} so they can be reused.

Costco stopped selling laminating sheets in store, so I now purchase them in bulk from Amazon.

I also trained my coworker's daughter to laminate and cut out for me, so she does that as a side job.  She is very involved in extra curricular activities (cheer, church, choir), so this is one of her ways of fundraising.  Plus B is very happy to not have to help!

If it's pink and/or has polka dots, chances are I want it...and office supplies are no exception.

My planner is pink and this year, I'm determined to stay organized! I also picked up several of these pink and gold polka dotted portfolios at Target to use next year.  One will be for writing conferences, one will be for reading conferences, and one will be for meetings.  

I organized by genre and I have coordinating solid and striped colored bins. I've gotten lots of compliments and love my classroom library!  It's inviting for students and fits into our cozy classroom.

What puts a smile on your face? Join the conversation!


  1. The laminator is a must!!! I have the same polka dot pink folder! Great minds think alike :)