Thursday, July 30, 2015

Well I won't be doing that...

I took a glorious nap this afternoon and as a result, am having trouble sleeping.  To cope with this, I'm slowly working on my first week lesson plans while listening to some pretty ridiculous shows on TLC.  (Four hours later...I've got my first two weeks meticulously mapped out for each subject!  I've got to set up a planning time with the other (willing) members of my grade level to compare notes)

Coincidentally, they are all about weddings and brides so it's nice timing.

However, these shows are ridiculous and the brides are even worse.

Things I have decided that I will not be doing based on these shows:

1) Having sled dogs transport guests to the ceremony.  This bride was getting married on top of a glacier, in Alaska, in the winter.

2) On that note, I won't be getting married on top of a mountain.  Or on a volcano.  Or on a glacier. Or in the middle of the forest on a mountain in the winter.  All of these magically ridiculous venues happened within one hour of this show.

3) Having a helicopter entrance.  More than one bride went with this route.  Can you say bridezilla? 

4) Wearing a cape.  There are plenty of super hero opportunities to wear capes.  My wedding day won't be one of them.

5)  Making my guests super uncomfortable.  We won't get married in the snow for an outdoor wedding.  The poor bridesmaids were unable to hide their whole body shivering, despite their pearly smiles.  Another bride had her guests ride in jeeps for over an hour to the venue site (on the side of a volcano).  I get that it's "my day" (ish) but don't be unnecessarily mean to your guests by making them endure bridezilla ridiculousness.

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