Friday, July 24, 2015

The kindness of others

A few days ago, a fellow former TFA-er posted in a teacher Facebook group that she had books she was looking to get rid of.  She accepted a teaching position in Washington and didn't want to haul all of these books up to her classroom since she was switching grade levels anyway.

I posted that I'd love to get my hands on them, especially since they were already AR leveled (HUGE time saver) and were within my students' reading ranges.

She texted and we arranged a time to meet.  She brought them to my house and when I tried to pay her, she refused.  She said she was glad they were going to be well loved in another classroom and didn't want money.

I insisted she take a Jamberry wrap as a thank you, which she happily agreed to.  I'm all about bartering!  I'm so appreciative of her generosity.  

Thank you Ms. T!

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