Thursday, January 9, 2014

What a Week!

I sit here on Friday eve, entirely worn out by the first week back after winter break.

Besides well teaching, I've had 2 RTI (response to intervention) meetings with the third tomorrow, a staff meeting, a grade level meeting, a parent-teacher conference and a meeting with my mentee.  Tomorrow I'll also have an IEP meeting and meeting my second mentee for a lunch/work/grading date on Saturday at Panera.  

I was also observed. Monday morning.  Right after specials.  I understand that observations are supposed to be a surprise, but I don't think Monday morning after a 2 week break is the best timing.  (Nor was Halloween afternoon.  Nor on an open dress day, where I had a half day sub, right before winter break...)

I'm ready for another break!

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