Friday, January 17, 2014

Movin' Mountains

In science we are just finishing up learning about types of maps before we move on to how landforms change over time with stream tables.

We talked about cartographers and surveyors (since I'm dating one, I've got lots of background knowledge!).  They made a map of the playground and I modeled making one of our classroom:

They collaboratively sketched out the features of the room and then their homework was to make an aerial map of their bedroom or favorite room.  Not all the students completed the task but the ones who did were so excited to share with their neighbors the next day.

I showed them my map of my bedroom and they were fascinated.  It was kind of adorable, considering all that was on my map was a bed and dresser.  They're just super observant and curious little ones, which is a wonderful thing.  (Sometimes they remind me of Littlest One in Lois Lowry's Gossamer but only a few of them get the literary reference).

From there, we moved into making topographic maps by tracing the different layers of a foam mountain:

This is investigation 4 in the FOSS Landforms kit, but I teach the kit out of order (such a rebel!).  
Tuesday we'll talk about contour lines, contour intervals and elevation when they make their keys.  I just love how excited they get about geography and landforms.  It's important to be excited about this great planet of ours!

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