Saturday, January 11, 2014

President's Day math fun!

While I do teach elementary school, we don't do a lot of holiday parties.  Part of the reason is due to a vareity of religious beliefs in my classroom but partially because we have so much to teach with the Common Core State Standards.  (Or as they're now referred to in my school district, the NACS.  Nevada Academic Content Standards.  Can't we just stick to one name?!)

However, when I find appropriate, holiday tasks, I like to use them.

One of my favorite math ones was made by another TpT seller, Rachael Parlett:

In this center, students analyze the task cards to determine the accuracy.  If there is an error and the card is false, they work together to figure out where the mathematician went wrong and how to revise their thinking.  This station lends itself perfectly to SMP #3 about critiquing the reasoning of others. 

(Best of all, this adorable center is a freebie!  Snag yours here and leave her feedback!)

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