Thursday, January 16, 2014

Echoing Green

For our intervention block this week, we've been working on reading strategies.  We went over how to record our thinking and that we read poems more than once.  

They did an awesome job finding the shifts in mood in the poem Echoing Green.  Last year our amazing coaches (M & G, love you both!) did a close read lesson with us with this poem.  Based on what they did with us, I had my students color the "happy" words in one color and the "sad" words in another color.  I was really impressed that collaboratively figured out that the poem is happy in the beginning and shifts to sadness toward the end.

I modeled on the smart board.

Their think sheet.

Kagan strategy of "pair up and share" to get them movin' and talking :)

Tomorrow we'll re-read the stanzas and talk about the theme.  Next week they'll create a written response about the poem.

They just get so excited about reading!

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