Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tech Tip: Wordle

I blogged about wordle in the beginning of the year because I love using this (free) web 2.0 tool to make our accountable talk posters and norms, like these:

However, I haven't really used it since.  So in the interest of trying new strategies with my small groups, we will keep track of characters in our novels this way :)

So, for example, if I was making a wordle about Hermione Granger, I'd start with brainstorming a list of descriptive words, character traits, quotes, etc.

I'd type up a list in word (so it's easy to edit):

Helpful hints:

1) If I'm using a phrase or more than one word, I have to use a ~ between words with NO spaces.  The ~ is above your tab key if you're on a PC

2) If you want a word to appear larger, type it more than once (ex: her name)

From there, I'd go to wordle and select create:

Then after selecting create, I copy and paste in my list from word:

Then hit go.

From there, I get my wordle:

Which I can customize with the font, layout & color until I get one I like:

From there, I can print or use another web 2.0 tool like Jing to take a snapshot & save as a png (picture).

I can also go back to my list in word and add more words, then repeat the process!


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