Sunday, January 19, 2014

Friend Bench

This upcoming week is Peace Week at my elementary school in honor of Dr. King.  The counselor does an awesome job at preparing grade-level specific and appropriate lessons while still delivering the same anti-bullying message.

We are a Be Kind school and I think most of our students have done a wonderful job embracing the motto of "be kind".  I love "catching kids being kind" and acknowledging them for the simplest, selfless acts.

I saw another school was doing this:

If a student is lonely and in need of a friend, he or she heads to the bench.  Other students then go over and invite him or her to play with them.  What a great way to encourage friendship!

And I'd love to implement something at our school!  I know metal will get extremely hot during the summer months, so that is a concern.  It'd be great if student council could paint the bench.  Perhaps it could be a parting gift from this year's fifth graders?

I think it's definitely worth looking into :)

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