Saturday, January 11, 2014

Valentine's Day

This year, I won't see my students on Valentine's Day.  Our school district scheduled a staff development day for the fourteenth, so the kids have a three day weekend.  This is probably for the best since they're usually rowdy after consuming copious amounts of sugar.  Plus several dozen students have already started paying too much attention to the opposite sex, so it's probably for the best they won't be there on the actual day.

However, we'll still do some sort of small celebration.

I send home a class roster and stress the importance of making a card and/or treat for everyone.

Students may get larger gifts for their friends, but these gifts are to be exchanged before or after school.  I want every student to feel included in my room.

I also pull the students aside privately who I know are having financial trouble at home and offer them markers & colored paper to make their own to share with the class, that way everyone is included.

I found these cute ones at Target:

(Some assembly was required but I was pleasantly surprised when I realized there was adhesive stickers already on the planet and rocket parts!)

Since I cover space in my 7 week science rotation, they're perfect!

I'll combine them with mini-Milky Way candy bars (haha...get it?).

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