Friday, January 10, 2014

Teacher Shout Out: Mr. B

At our school, we enforce "HALLS":

H: hands to yourself
A: all parts of body facing forward
L: low speed
L: lips zipped

S: space between you and me

I was outside my room DRA-ing students while my co-teacher taught writing when we were interrupted by a rowdy bunch of third graders.  They were waiting to enter another teacher's classroom since we switch students to differentiate based on their needs.  I went down to remind them about our school's expectations and then told their teacher that they needed to work on their voices.

He spoke with them and they were so much better today!

What impressed me even more was this delivery:

I love that he talked with them about personal responsibility and had them take ownership of their actions.   He had them write apology notes for their voice levels and disrupting our learning.

I appreciate that he took the time out of his day to use this teachable moment to talk about how to behave appropriately and be functioning, considerate members of society.  

Huge shout out to him!

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