Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Battle of the Books Book Club!

Today we had our first book club for our district's BOTB and it was so much fun! I have about thirty students participating and they're so excited to read :)

(Aren't they lovely?)

We started with clarifying my expectations and then creating groups of up to four students.  From there, they created their own team flags and generated their own norms/social contract.  I read them the back covers and then had them decide which book they wanted to read first.

There are 8 books in the challenge and each student must read at least 3 of them.  

Some of the books will be kept in the classroom for students to read during small group times but the rest will be available for them to check out and take home.

We're going to meet on Wednesdays for the next two months.  Per advisor guidelines, I can't ask them comprehension questions about the novels because the task is entirely on them.  However, I can support them by giving them a quiet space to read and modeling how to use our comprehension stems.  I'm excited to watch them take ownership of their learning!

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