Sunday, January 19, 2014

Please just...don't.

Clearly, I love books.  I'm an avid fan of movies too, but I get frustrated when the films don't do the movies justice.  The Hunger Games and Catching Fire films were close, some of the Harry Potter films were spot-on and well, we don't need to talk about what happened with the Lightning Thief. 

So when I heard that a film adaptation of The Giver was going to be released this upcoming August, I winced.  I don't have high hopes for this as a film adaptation.

I read the novel myself in elementary school and again as a junior in high school, clearly with different levels of understanding.  I have read this novel with many different small groups, but only if they're mature enough to handle the content...specifically the part with the twins.  That's rough, especially when I had a set of twins in the same small group.  I did not enjoy the tears at that discussion.

So I'm hesitant about this movie...

Then I saw that Taylor Swift was cast in the film.  I'm love her as a musical artist but as Rosemary...I'm not so sure.  At least Meryl Streep has a large role.

I just don't want to see another great book ruined by a sub par movie.  So please, movie industry, don't ruin this classic.

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