Saturday, January 25, 2014

Spin on Book Reviews

Obviously, I like books.  Okay, love them.  I'm lucky enough to spend about half of my instructional day talking about literacy with fifth graders, so that's pretty awesome.

I was reading a librarian's blog and she posted this fun idea:

I like the idea of using speech bubbles and having students write about the different books.  I think I'd tweak the idea a tad and have larger images of the books with smaller student faces with thumbs up signs, as if they approve of that text.  I have around seventy five kiddos in my small reading groups, so a bulletin board with all of their faces just won't work.

However, a bulletin board of the top twenty five books we're reading and why they like them is completely feasible!  I think I've figured out my final bulletin board of the year!

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