Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Adventures

 Sometimes I decide to act impulsively.  I take risks. I apply for things I think are out of my reach or I'm not qualified enough for.  I ignore the self-doubt and somehow, miraculously, get accepted into amazing opportunities.  I'm grateful and appreciative for these opportunities.  I'm working on being humble and instead of seeking approval from my administration, I just embrace opportunities.  I take chances and seek out opportunities, even if these opportunities are a tad scary.  I do take on too much some times, but I also am working on saying yes to things that will make me happy.  

I'm pleased to share with you, my readers, my next adventure.  In addition to continuing this blog, I will also be working with an amazing group of young women in Grow Organic Kids.  

By adding my thoughts from an educational standpoint, we will be working together to become a resource for students, teachers and families alike. You can follow us here.

I'm excited for this new adventure!

 Ms. Vice

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