Sunday, January 12, 2014

Candy-free Valentine!

As part of our first week of school, I always make my students some variation of these:

(2 years ago)

(last access to a colored printer, so I used labels instead!)

Not only does it make them feel welcome, but the more practical use is now they have a sharpened pencil to use and that's just one less thing I need to worry about :)

While procrastinating grading and looking on pinterest, I found these:

What a cute Valentine's day adaptation!  Plus there is no candy involved and I can't think of an elementary student who doesn't need a new pencil!  Seriously, some days I think they eat the pencils, I don't understand how these supplies go missing so often.  

If I hadn't made cute space valentines yesterday, I would seriously be on board with these!  Perhaps I could make a St. Patrick's day surprise with green ones...I do believe there is a shamrock die cut at our school!  Stay tuned for more crafty procrastination adventures!

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