Saturday, September 20, 2014

Reading Rangers

As I've blogged about before, our school is pretty adament about Reading Rangers and the WIPR block.  It's my first year, but I like it.  My kids have great reading stamina coming into fifth grade and are self-motivated to read.

Last week, I had to convert a bulletin board from this:

To this:

To make space for their badges.

I also wanted to make a count down to graduation board to indicate how many books they needed to read (and pass an AR quiz on).  I looked at my other grade level members' ideas, but I wanted to put my own spin on it.  I wanted something that was portable that we could take with us to assemblies or to the pod.

So armed with a folding poster board, tape, and velcro dots, I set out to make our boards.  I color coded the count down cards and laminated them so hopefully they'll last a few years.  I can handle remaking the board each year, just not the cards.

Here is the end result:

I'm excited how it turned out. I conferenced with all my kiddos (that were here) to see how many books they had left.  Most of them were bumped up to a higher reading level after our beginning of the year conferences, so they started over.  I am fine with it (and they are fine with it) because it means more of a challenge.

I'm really pleased with how this year is going!

(But now it's time to plan math. Yes, it's six am on a Saturday. My team teacher and I are focused and too stubborn to give up our other weekend plans)

Happy Saturday!

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