Saturday, September 6, 2014


Day six and holding strong to the blogtember challenge!

Today we are asked to reflect on things we are currently doing, so here goes!

Currently reading...the House of Hades.

I love Rick Riordan and have read almost a dozen of his books.  I'm just struggling with finding the time to sit and read because of the back to school craziness.  Next week starts week 3, so I'm hoping things will slow down a bit!

Currently procrastinating...going to a math training.

I have a 4 hour math training at a nearby high school.  It's paid and I appreciate the opportunity to learn more.  However, training means I have to get dressed because oddly, pajamas aren't acceptable for school functions. 

Currently excited about...a lunch date with my mentee afterward!

Last year I had a few mentees, but really clicked with one.  She's a wonderful gal and I'm so excited we became friends.  She's also going to the math training, so we're grabbing Panera afterward.

Currently loving...Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish.

It's not as great as getting a gel manicure, but it's WAY cheaper.  A week in and my nails still look great.  Plus, there's no UV light needed to set the gel and it comes off with regular nail polish.  

Currently ignoring...the cleaning that needs to be done (sorry mom!)

I'm hoping my fur babies will clean it while I'm at work!  But weirdly...that's not happening.

Currently feeling...hungry.

This is easily solved, but the couch is really comfy.

Currently mommy and brother.

They live in a neighboring state, so I don't get to see them as often as I'd like.

Also currently missing...East Coast friends.

My best friend is doing post PhD work at Yale, which is far, far away.  I miss her terribly and can't wait to see her at Christmas.  Another friend is getting married next weekend in Florida, but it wasn't financially feasible for B and I to attend (moving is expensive).  Another friend and her family also recently moved to Florida and I'm missing them too.

Plus my old work friends, for the most part, are all at different schools and I don't see them as often as I'd like.  I miss being able to pop my head into the hallway and see their faces.

Currently listening to...the fan and an intense game of soccer with a pom pom.

The house is quiet...kind of.  Chloe found a pom pom (again) and is quite loudly playing soccer with it on the hardwood floors.

Currently appreciating...that I could decorate for fall.

Since we moved, I missed decorating for every holiday/season between Easter and now.  So that was my Labor Day task: getting out my fall decorations.  B is still learning to get used to my nesting and fall decorating, but I love it!  I like changing out the table decorations and scentsy scents.  I like putting cute seasonal pillows on the couch...although our current "fall" pillows are football ones.

Currently concerned...about what crinkling noise I'm hearing from Chloe.

After investigating, it's a rice krispies wrapper.  Yum?

Currently feeling...a tad overwhelmed by work.

It's an adjustment. I appreciate my new grade level.  We just tried to teach too much last week and need to take things in smaller steps.  We were all just so excited to jump into teaching!

How are you feeling?

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