Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Today's prompt: Your fall bucket list. What do you want to do before winter rolls around?

For those of you hopping over from Brave Love, good morning! (Or afternoon, or evening).

As a native of the Southwest, the whole season concept is a bit murky.  However, I like to pretend that when we are in 90 degree weather, this counts as fall.

Plus, I LOVE making lists, so I was eager to blog about this topic.  It must be the teacher in me :)

My Fall Bucket List:

**Purchase some jamberry nails because in the long run, it'll be better for my budget.  I got a free sample from a friend Amy and applied them Sunday night: 

(The accent nail is the jamberry one. The rest are Sally Hansen Miracle Gel.)  It took maybe five minutes to do both hands and as of Wednesday, no chips!  They're supposed to last three weeks and come out to be about three dollars an application.  I can treat myself to that little girly indulgence.

**Fully clean my house.  I've still got book piles in the living room and the guest bedroom/craft room is in need of some attention.  Since I'm having people over Saturday, I guess I'd better get on that!

**Return to the gym.  Now that the beginning of the year chaos is settling down, I need to get into the routine of going a few times a week.

**Try new recipes, especially crockpot recipes.  I hate to cook.  Luckily B went to culinary school and does most of the cooking (I do other chores, it evens out).  However, I want to put the crockpots to good use! I'm really good at dumping ingredients in the crockpot and ignoring it for hours on end :)

**Carve pumpkins, or at least be supportive while B does it.  Disclaimer, I hate carving pumpkins.  I don't have any happy childhood memories of it and this always seemed like a chore rather than a fun holiday activity. I don't really like anything pumpkin flavored or scented (the horror, I know!) and the insides always grossed me out.  However, B flat out asked if we were going to do it and seemed so excited about I should be supportive.  Apparently that's what you do in adult relationships. (I'm kidding, I love him and will happily watch him stab the pumpkin into an intricate shape while I enjoy some tea and grade.  Or I will happily buy fake pumpkins and paint them with polka dots while he carves real ones!)

**Enjoy my fall wardrobe.  I'm excited for the scarves/boots/cardigans parade that will be escaping from the closet in the next few months.  My winter wardrobe is essentially the same except lightweight cardigans are replaced by sweaters and hoodies, thus limiting the scarf potential. (Scarves and hoodies is just silly).

**Have a crafting day. I've been wanting to make a burlap wreath for our front door basically since we moved in.  Now seems like an excellent time!

**Refinish the bathroom cabinets.  All our cabinets are builder grade oak, which is fine if you like the light color. I don't.  One bathroom is done in shades of gold, white, and mother of pearl, so the cabinets will stay oak in there because it matches.  Our living room has a cherry red hardwood floor, so the cabinets looked awful until I repainted them over the summer:

Yes, that was my summer task...all 37 cabinet doors and frames.   Now that I seem to have forgotten how time consuming the task was, I want to tackle our master bathroom ones.  Our house is an open floor plan, so the master bedroom and bathroom connect.  We painted the walls a slate blue color with a gray accent wall behind the bed.  I want to paint the cabinets Seaside, Meadow, or Federal Gray:

We used rustic on our kitchen and the whole process was pretty easy, it just took a lot of time.  However, I redid kitchen counters, the island, and an entry way cabinet for under three hundred dollars so it was definitely worth it if you have the patience for a DIY project.

**Have a picnic.  One of our first dates was Panera in the bed of his truck, watching little kids play softball.  I'd love to recreate that.

**Enjoy our patio.  For the first time in years, I have a backyard.  My three apartments all had various sized patios which could comfortably fit two people and folding chairs.  That's not the case with our house.  We have a wrap around back patio and oversized yard.  We're waiting for our tax return to do anything with the yard because right now, it's desert landscaping...also known as rocks.  Lots of rocks.  But in the mean time, I want to enjoy the patio with some dinners outside.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll take my tea and laptop outside to blog!

**Enjoy time with friends.  Now that I've left my previous school (as many others have), I don't get to see my close friends on a daily basis.  I want to see them more.

**Switch out our scentsy for apple cinnamon or other fall scents.  This will be an easy task, but I just need to remember to do it!

What's on your fall list?


  1. Visiting from Blogtember! Love the colours you have chosen for your cabinets.

  2. I'm in SoCal...high of 95 today so I'm hoping for at least some high 70s for the fall! Our lists are so similar--My first jamberry purchased arrived today and I painted my bathroom cabinets over the summer and plan on doing the kitchen this fall/winter. Enjoy crossing things off your list fellow teacher!