Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Year

While it's a few days late, I was inspired to be reflective with the blogtember task of how I've changed in the past year.

Change is good. Change is sad. Change means leaving things behind. (paraphrased quote from Lowry's Gossamer.

A year ago...

I was living in an apartment. It was a cute set up and by far my favorite of the several I've lived in post college.  It was close to the freeway and major shopping areas. I had fairly nice neighbors and maintenance was always friendly.  

I was teaching fifth grade and loving my grade level.  But the issues were starting, which would only get worse in the coming eight months.  I was starting to think about moving schools in September.

I was eager to see Wicked with my best friend when she came to visit.

I was stressed beyond belief with work. 

I was just starting my store on TpT.

I was surrounded by friends getting engaged, married, or pregnant.


I have my first home which I'm loving.  It's very close to work, which saves easily a hundred dollars a month on gas.  Hooray for that!

I am still teaching fifth grade and adore my new grade level.  There are some learning curves but nothing is making me want to leave.  In fact, I don't ever want to move my classroom library again! 

I'm eager to see Wicked with B. This will be his second musical (the first being The Book of Mormon).

Now I'm managing my stress. I'm working hard at work, but also taking time to enjoy my weekends.  I'm savoring my time off and treating myself to rewards. I'm making time for me as a person, not just me as a teacher. 

I'm continuing to build my TpT store. But I'm also pleased to announce I am a Jamberry consultant! As part of my treat myself, I'm going to have pretty nails. All the time!

I applied these a week ago.  168 hours of teaching, cleaning, cooking, and well, life later...they look the same! I love them.  I'll be hosting my first party in November but you're welcome to shop now.  Our special is buy 3, get 1 free!  So for the cost of a mani/pedi at a salon, you get 4 sheets of your choice.  Jams last 2 weeks on your fingers and up to 4 weeks on your toes!

I can't wait for my new ones to get here:

(You can shop here!)

And...I'm still surrounded by friends getting engaged, married, or pregnant.

Sometimes things change.  Sometimes they don't.  It's crazy what a difference a year can make. I do know that I'm much happier now and that's what matters.

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