Friday, October 30, 2015

With my upcoming wedding still almost a year away, I've got time to patiently think about each small detail of the big day.  For some, having a year and a half long engagement would be torture, but I'm loving the time.  I don't feel rushed about any of my decisions and can shop around to find good deals.

However, I'm realizing the more time I spend researching wedding ideas, the more frustrated I'm getting with things that are deemed "must-haves".  Who started these trends? They are a bit ridiculous.

"Must Have" Number One: Temporary Wedding Tattoos

Yes, this is a thing.

This is not a favor.  A majority of my guests are over the age of six and temporary tattoos are simply not that exciting.  I also hope that my guests don't need a reminder of where they are...or who we are for that matter.  Plus there would be that one guest who puts one on his forehead and ruins every picture he's in.  This is not a "must have".  This is ridiculous.

"Must Have" trend number two: A wedding hash tag

I know my guests will be taking pictures with their phones and I highly encourage them to post them to wedpics, but twitter is not private.  I don't want my guests spending the reception on social media.  I want them spending the reception in the moment, which means dancing, drinking, socializing, eating, and being silly in the photo booth.  The reception is not meant to be on social media.  Share the next day on facebook, but I don't want my wedding shared with the world.

What's worse? There are websites dedicated to helping brides generate their own wedding hashtags.  

"Must Have" #3: Two dresses

Again, why is this a must have?  One, yes.  Two? This is not a theatrical event with costume changes, this is a wedding. 

The wedding dresses I'm eyeing are not cheap.  They are within my budget and would not qualify me to be on "Say Yes to the Dress" (since I've never seen anything below two grand there).  But two dresses? One for the wedding and one for the reception?

No.  Just no.

That screams high maintenance.  I'll be buying one dress and making sure I can actually dance in it.

Any other "must haves" that recent brides skipped?!

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