Sunday, October 18, 2015

Not Always

I try to keep a positive attitude about teaching, but lately it's been really, really difficult.  Google CCSD/CCEA negotiations and you'll get a plethora of articles where teachers are being slammed, our pay is being cut, and our insurance is increasing.  Not a happy time in Las Vegas.

When it comes to grading, more is NOT merrier.  I spent quite a few hours grading.  Now, my grading wasn't the multi-tasking grading where I spend a bulk of the time watching television.

This grading was at six am, with the television off, and no distractions.  No phone, no facebook. Solid hours of work...and I'm not done.  I left all their essays at work and progress reports go home on Tuesday.  Oh vey.

When it comes to classroom numbers, more is NOT merrier.  We're quite full at 34.  Please don't give me anymore.  I'd be a little better if my projector was mounted to my ceiling because that would free up carpet space...but still.  Anything over 3 dozen in elementary school is not teaching, it's crowd control.

I really, really wish we had a fall break.

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