Friday, October 30, 2015

Here we go again!

{Earlier this month}, I knocked out a graduate course in a weekend.  It was a great course where I learned new strategies, felt energized about my teaching, was excited to try new things in the classroom, and I could immediately apply what I've learned the next day.

Basically, the dream in terms of professional development.

So naturally, it's time to take another course.  If I'm correct with keeping track of graduate school, this is the final class I need to hit the "Masters +32" level.  This of course makes me think I should have just gotten another master's degree, but oh well.  

Theoretically finishing this class means I'll get a pay raise next year for increasing my education from master's plus 16 to master's plus 32, but since I got a pay cut this year and the district is going into {arbitration} with the teacher's union, I'm not holding my breath on being paid fairly. 

This one is offered by the same instructor (because she's amazing) and on close reading and text dependent questions.

It's not a secret that I love books, so I was really excited that this beauty is now mine!

Fisher and Frey are some of my favorite educational researchers, so this is just an added bonus.

The next three weeks will be consumed with seven modules and reading a majority of this book, but I've got my work wife Mrs. H along for the ride.  I love learning and I love working with colleagues who are also motivated to continually learn and try new things.  I've got a general understanding of close reading and text dependent questions (TDQs), but I'm excited to learn more about the four part model and how to use it with students.  

The ultimate goal of text-dependent questions and close reading is to have students interact with the text.  I'm not in the business of making little robots who can read a passage and regurgitate information back to me.  I'm in the business of creating little thinkers who interact with the text and think critically about the world around them.

What steps are you taking to continue your own education?

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