Monday, October 26, 2015

Done and done!

Last night, instead of tackling the essays I have to grade, I typed up my notes for The Crossover into a handy, dandy {teacher's guide}.

One of the requirements for advisers for Battle of the Books is to read one of the eight novels and create 100 questions for the book. These questions are then used in the creation of powerpoints for the competition rounds (in March and April).

Since I was already taking notes, I figured I'd bundle them as a product to help other teachers.

Additionally, I created a matching {chronological order sort} for our Battle of the Books students to check themselves before quizzing.  One of my favorite aspects of these sorts is that the answer key is included, so I'm not bothered when I'm working with a small group by questions of "is this right?".  Students are able to be self-reliant and check their own work.  This helps them to take responsibility for their own learning and self-assess their understanding of the text.

Up next? The Sword of Summer! (Obviously this is a much better task than tackling the pile of essays.)

My life in a nutshell:

I have broken the task into seemingly bite-sized pieces (six essays a day), but when each takes about ten minutes to grade, enter into the grade book, and make notes about in my conference journal, this doesn't seem all that manageable. 

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