Saturday, October 3, 2015

October Goals

As I {previously shared}, I got through about half of my {September} goals...and that's okay.

Let's do some goal setting for October!

1)  For the love of all things holy, I need to finish this dang book:

It's good, I'm just struggling to find time to read independently...without pets on my lap.

2) Purchase and start this highly anticipated book:

I thought it was Annabeth's brother, but alas, Magnus is her cousin.  It's in the newest Scholastic book flyers that I distributed, so I'll be buying myself one.  There were lots of other great books, so I might spend some of my points and stock up on new things for my students.  

3) Work on our wedding website.  We decided (okay, I decided) to make a free one to fill our out of state guests in on events.  I've started one on the knot, I just have to finish it.

4) Buy a new computer.  B's is....eight.  Yes, eight. It's a third grader.  It's time for a new one.  We're visiting my family at the end of the month, so it's a perfect time to get my brother's feedback (since he works for Microsoft) and get a new one.  It's not perfect timing (because it never is), but we've been putting this off for about a year.  He needs it for school and I need it for work.

5) Make the second {DEN ambassador meeting} even more awesome than the first!  I've already got a few more teachers interested in attending, which is great.

6) Attend a cultural event.  We're actually going to Greek Fest tonight, so this one will be easily accomplished!  One of the great things about Vegas is that there are lots of fun things like this.

7) Visit the {Bellagio gardens}.  We went over the summer and enjoyed their underwater display, but I guess they've changed it again for fall.  It's free to get in and there's a chocolate store nearby.  If B doesn't want to go (or has class), I'm sure I can talk some of my gals into going...right?

8) Make something with apples.  It might be an apple pie.  It might be apple cinnamon sangria.  Okay, it will probably be the sangria.  A friend just sent me a video of a new recipe and it looks fairly easy.

9) Have a girls day.  We're doing a Frankenstein Jamberry Wrap Swap on the 17th and playing with make up (always fun), but I want to do a happy hour with my bridesmaids (the ones that are here).  I also want to do a happy hour with some of my lovely coworkers.  Y'all down for that?

10) Catch up with old friends.  It's been far too long since I've talked with some of them on the phone.  There's been some childish antics with "friends" here, so I'm ready to cut my losses and focus on the amazing people that I do have in my life.  

11) Start Battle of the Books!  Mrs. H, the librarian, and I have been hyping this up to the fourth and fifth graders.  We're collecting permission slips and getting ready to start our after school book lounge.  We're offering the kids some guidance, but the Battle of the Books is totally up to them.  We wanted to give them extra reading time in the library after school and offer structure, but it's up to them.  

12) Catch up on grading (almost done), finish the next two regions for social studies (the West Region is part way done), and maybe even get ahead in terms of planning (a girl can dream).

13)  Continue to be extra patient with my students.  Some of them have a lot going on at home and act out in school because they're having trouble coping.  This is totally understandable, it's just taking some additional patience on my end.  Patience that I quickly feel I'm running out of.  It's hard with 34 students.  It's hard when some of them are able to focus for thirty seconds at a time and constantly shout out.  It's hard to continue to be patient when I have ten different private hallway conversations with a student on a daily basis about class norms.'s necessary.  

14) Figure out my school costume.  We're doing a theme for fifth grade...and the theme is balls.  We're not the most appropriate ones, I know.  It's more of a joke for the adults.  I'm thinking of being a disco ball or a bowling ball.  Totally fine costume by itself, but then when the teachers realize that all of the fifth grade teachers have something to do with balls...hilarity will ensue.  The kids won't get it.  But it makes us giggle. 

So apparently my "top ten" got a little over zealous and I now have 14 goals for the month.  But...overplanning is how I live my life.

What will you accomplish this October?

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