Monday, September 7, 2015

September Goals

I don't know how it happened, but September is here!  Here are my top ten goals for the month.

First and foremost, much of September should be spent catching up on blogging! I have so much to share about the first weeks of school, classroom culture, staff development day, wedding updates, exciting updates with Discovery Education, and the engagement shower! I haven't done any of the {Blogtember Challenges} which is disappointing.  

Second, I hope to nail down a wedding date and venue this month.  We've seen two and have a third appointment in a few hours.  It will come down to logistics and finances, but I'm really, really, really leaning toward venue number two!

Third, I hope to finish the book I'm reading.

I'm a few chapters in, but with the start of the school year, most things got put on the back burner.  I've got an ever growing pile of books to read, so it's time to make time for me!  Seriously folks, it's {a problem}.

Fourth, I need to put the house back together.  I did a major clean, with B's help of course, before the engagement shower.  Part of this cleaning meant shoving things into the guest bedroom that we didn't want to deal with, so now I've got to resort the new mess I made.  We've still got the tables set up and banners on the wall.  I need to transition the house of engagement shower mode and back into how we normally live (because strangely, it's not with a ten foot dining room table.)  

Fifth, I get to decorate for fall!

(Disclaimer: This is not my home.  
This is way too many pumpkins, but you get the idea!)

I love decorating.  I didn't want a pumpkin explosion before the shower because I wanted it very clearly decorated for the party, but now it's time for fall.  I've got pumpkins and football decor to set up!  This will probably be a next weekend task.

Sixth, Waffles gets to go to obedience school.  We have to pick a date that works for both of us and make those appointments.

Seventh, I need to finalize long term social studies plans.  On paper, they are mapped out through winter break and work out just fine.  I have most of the powerpoints made, I just need to do some revisions.  Once they're done and shared with my grade level, they'll also be available on TpT, so check back soon!

Eighth, I need to finish thank you cards.  

We weren't expecting anything at our engagement shower, but some lovely friends ignored this request and spoiled us. 

Ninth, I need to get Waffles on her walking schedule.  She did great on her walk last night, but ideally she'll be getting two walks a day.  I know with the weather changing, she'll get more time outside.  Since we're in the desert and she's already got a black coat, I'm overly cautious with having her get too overheated on walks.  

Tenth, B and I need to adjust our budget.  We'd wanted to purchase a second security door, but that's now on the back burner.  Since our doors aren't standard sized, we need custom ones and they are close to two grand a piece.  We are almost done paying off the first one (and the new dishwasher), but can't buy the second one like we'd planned.  Instead, we're prioritizing with purchasing a water filtration system for the house instead since the water here isn't the best.  Plus we've got to save for the wedding.  I didn't realize that the full balance had to be paid before the big day, so it's a good thing it's still more than a year away!  Both our families are helping (which is wonderful), but we are planning on a gorgeous day with 120 guests, so there is a bit of a price tag.  Nothing drastic with the budget, just less eating out and more game nights at home.  Hopefully our friends will understand!

What are your goals for the month? 

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