Sunday, September 13, 2015

Encouraging Readers

For me, there is no greater joy than my students falling in love with reading.

Their excitement when I show off new Scholastic book orders is contagious. 

I give them the book orders, our class code for online ordering, and five minutes to look at the books.  I share with them that when they place orders, I get credit towards new books to buy.  I give them about three weeks to pay for their books before I take their orders.  (If they are doing chores to earn books, I want to make sure they've got time to do so!)

I placed our first order on Saturday and earned some free books for the classroom.  

Our books should ship within 7-10 days, so they'll have them soon. 

I also make a big production out of the books when they arrive, which inspires them to want to buy more next time.

New books always bring excitement in my classroom. 

How do you encourage reading?

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