Friday, September 4, 2015

A moment to breathe

Despite my best intentions to leave work at a reasonable time each day, I've been swamped.

It seems the beginning of the year pressures are much, much worse this year.  It's trickling down from above, so our admin are feeling the pressure, which translates to a more stressed staff.

I feel that every time I accomplish a task, six more have appeared.  I'm fighting my own work inspired hydra, and I'm losing.

Yup Hercules, I'm right there with you.

I'm at work hours early. I am productive on prep.  I stay after. I take work home.

There are other staff members who are quite vocal about their long hours, but spend hours sitting around chatting instead of working.  It's hard to feel sympathetic to their plight because they are very, very clearly wasting time.  

However, I'm not.  It's year seven, it shouldn't be this hard to feel caught up after a mere nine days of teaching.

Luckily, I'm not alone.  Some of the coworkers that I admire for their calm and stoic demeanor have also quietly admitted that they feel that way too.

Hallelujah, it's not just me!

I know a part of this stress is because our engagement shower is tomorrow.  I've spent a few hours crafting different games and it had to happen at work because we don't have a printer at home.  Last weekend was consumed by birthday festivities (which I in no way feel guilty about) and this weekend will be filled with mommy time, our engagement shower, and venue shopping.

Maybe next week I'll feel caught up?

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