Saturday, September 12, 2015

Blogtember Challenge, Day 12

So it's two weeks into September, several weeks into the school year, and I'm finally finding a bit of time to catch up on blogging.

That means this is my first official blog post for the 2015 blogtember challenge!

Last year I did a much better job at participating...but last year I didn't have an engagement party and wedding venue shopping to do right at the start of the school year.

So without further ado, here's my first post for the blogtember challenge!

Reading... the last remaining pile of my students' beginning of the year essays.  See, the first week of school, we give them a diagnostic essay that isn't for a grade.   We use it to see their strengths and weaknesses.  They write a letter to their future selves with minimal instruction, then will get the letters back the last week of school.

I record my notes in my writing conference folder.  Each student has his or her own tab so I can track their progress over the year.  I didn't really pull writing conferences last year, so my goal is to improve as a writing teacher.

Playing... how many blog posts can I write in one day. This Blogtember prep is no joke! ;)

Watching... College football.  B is flipping between games and I'm halfway paying attention.  My Sundevils aren't on, so there's not complete focus. 

Trying... to be motivated to make the ppt for social studies for next week.  I'm not finding motivation...

Cooking... popcorn for dinner? 

Eating... nothing. My tummy is upset, thanks to back to school germs from the students. 

Drinking... water. Lots and lots of water. 

Calling... my MOH soon to talk about wedding venues.

Texting... my work wife.  She hurt herself coaching gymnastics this morning and I want to make sure she's icing properly.  (Her for real husband knows we are work wives and understands)

Pinning... fall wedding ideas :)

Tweeting... nothing :(

Going... back to a wedding venue tomorrow with my future MIL and officiant while B stays home and does his hw.  We're 95% sure this is where we are getting married next fall, so I want to make sure his mom sees it before we make a decision.  My mommy already saw it and loved it.

Loving... my friends.  It's been a rough month and I'm overwhelmingly comforted by the love of so many good people.  It drowns out the mean people. 

On a side note, I'm also loving my fall {Jams}!  I did these at home, in pajamas, then immediately went to bed.

A week in and no lifting or chips, which I know wouldn't be the case with regular polish!

Hating... the back to school year sickness that always happens.  I diffuse in my classroom and I've been doubling up on water and onguard, but it's not enough when I have three dozen fifth graders and the two closest classrooms are full of kinders.

Discovering... that my to do list just won't quit!

Thinking... about everything I need to do for the first DEN meeting in October!  Eeek! More on that adventure later.

Feeling... overwhelmed.

Hoping (for)... negotiations to go well tomorrow at the wedding venue! It's our first choice, but there's another venue too.  We're hoping the first one will match some of the freebies from the other venue. 

Listening (to)... more football.  It's fall.  It's football time.

Celebrating... the completion of another week.  This one, despite being four days, was exhausting.  Between my first few citations, open house, and the technology not working on Tuesday, it was a stressful week.

Smelling... Breathe.  It's one of my favorite DoTerra essential oils. It does wonders for allergies and clearing out my sinuses.

Ordering... some new make up!  I recently discovered {Younique} and am in love! I'd been using Bare Minerals for years, but always felt a little too washed out.  (The struggles of being a redhead is real, y'all.)  This make up lets my freckles show while still providing full coverage.  I appear to have flawless skin and look wide awake, which is never, ever the case.  

Seriously, one coat of my magic mascara:

Flawless make up...even when I hear screaming and f-bombs from a five year old outside in the hall...

Thanking... my mommy and B's family for helping us with the wedding.  Thanking one of his mom's best friends for her generous wedding gift of offering her timeshare for our honeymoon.  Thankful for amazing people.

Considering... taking a nap. It's just one of those days.  (Disclaimer...I've already taken two naps today...)

Starting... to realize I need to do lesson plans for social studies....

Finishing... placing our first book order with Scholastic.  So not only are students able to purchase books for significantly less than at retail stores, but I earn rewards points and spending credit, which means I turn around and buy more books!  I think I spent $10 of my own money in this order and have seven new books coming, including the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.  (I've never read them, I just know my students are obsessed and I support their love of reading!)

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