Sunday, September 13, 2015

Day 13

Woo hoo, I'm 2/2 since starting the Blogtember Challenge!

Granted...I started half-way through, but that's okay. 

Day 13's blog challenge: "Create a collage or inspiration/mood board for this season in your life."

Well, I'm a little overwhelmed by school work, so instead I'm going to focus on what's consuming a lot of my attention:

The wedding.

It's not that I'm becoming "that bride".  We're touring a venue today and I want to have a decision in terms of venue and colors established by the end of the week.  I've been thinking about it for a couple days and since I keep inadvertently pinning the same things on pinterest, I'm taking that to be a sign. 

We are looking at a November, 2016 still a long time away.

We aren't hiring a wedding planner because quite frankly, I feel I've been training for this my whole life.  Between years of student council, being an RA in college and President of the Honors College Council, then being a teacher and planning field trips, I think I've got this event planning thing down pat.

Plus, I like to do it.  I like to craft.  I like to play around with patterns, textures, and see what goes well together.  If I felt it was a stable enough career, I'd consider party planning and crafting as a full time job.  

I've got a time-line for the wedding.  This month we are paying wedding deposits to confirm our date and venue.  Once the paperwork is signed, I'll feel comfortable publicly announcing that to friends and family.  The bridal party and immediate family already know what we're hoping for.  Next month will bring the creation of a wedding website (maybe) and taking engagement pictures in either the fall or early spring.   Dress shopping will be over winter break.  Save the dates will go out at the end of spring and formal invitations in about a year.

I've got friends that are more than willing to help craft things and share their thoughts, which is great.  I've also got some interesting input from colleagues who are definitely more acquaintances then friends...they want to weigh in too.  I'm hoping it's from a loving and maternal place, not them thinking I can't handle this and that they have to intervene.  
I showed B some ideas for table decor and bless his heart, he said I could do whatever as long as I wasn't overwhelmed.  I told him that I've got some great, crafty bridesmaids and some great, logistics oriented bridesmaids, so I think it will be okay.  Besides, I get antsy during the summer, so a dozen or so table toppers will be a nice task to keep me busy.

We are narrowed down to two gorgeous venues.  In true teacher form, I made an anchor chart.

Yes, I hauled home a meter stick, sharpies, and anchor chart paper.  I went line by line to discuss the categories with B (and my mom on the phone) to see which venue had more strengths.  I'll be going over this chart with my future MIL and our officiant later today.  I know it's ultimately mine and B's decision, but I guess I just want validation from our closest loved ones that we're making the right decision.  It's a big decision, I'm only getting married once, so we want to do this right. 

And yes, true to form, I had a helper.  Chloe was very crucial in the prevention of straight lines on the chart.  

I'm overwhelmed by choices, so after looking at the venue today and making a decision, I'm taking a few days to think about colors.  In B's perfect world, he'd have a Denver Broncos themed wedding.  However, it's also my day!

I think the struggle I'm having is I don't want it to resemble anyone else's wedding.  Now that seems silly considering I'm pulling ideas from pinterest and bridal magazines, but we've had a lot of close friends get married in the past few years and I don't want to feel like we're stealing their colors.

Our friends, Laura and Ryan, did a red, black, and white classic color combo.  Two other weddings had grays with tones of purple.   Another was silver and burgundy.  One about a year ago was navy and deep green.  Yet another will be neutrals with shades of pale pink (outdoor spring wedding).  All these weddings were gorgeous, but I don't want to make our wedding like theirs.  (Yes, I'm probably overthinking things...that's what I do.)

I love fall shades, but I don't want deep red.  My undergraduate university, Arizona State, is maroon and gold.  As deep as my Sun Devil pride is...I don't want it to look like I'm having an ASU themed wedding.  Plus I think a deep shade of red will be too harsh on many of my bridesmaids.  

I plan to tell my bridesmaids what color to pick from David's Bridal and let them choose.  My only stipulation is that the gowns are floor length.  I know from experience I do not enjoy halter dresses, so I'd rather not put my best friends through a similar frustration of wearing something they don't feel comfortable in. 

While it may not seem like it, I am doing my best to keep my bridezilla moments and wedding mayhem to a minimum.  I think once the colors, venue, and date are decided, things will cool off and I can focus on the rest of my life.  I'm okay with having days where wedding planning is all I do, but I'm not okay with this wonderful wedding weekend taking over my whole life.  

It's one day.  One day with a year's worth of prep work, but it's still just one day.  

What collage would depict your life? Join the conversation, see the upcoming topics, and link up {here}.  If you're popping over from Brave Love or one of the linked blogs, hello and welcome!


  1. Hello :) Found your blog through the blog-tember link up. I love that you did an anchor chart for venues!

    1. The anchor charts really helped! I'm a visual learner :)