Saturday, September 19, 2015

Our Engagement Shower, Part 2

Since my mom was already coming up over Labor Day, we decided that was a perfect opportunity to have an engagement shower.  I started planning (and {blogging about it}) at the end of July...yet it still snuck up on me!

Nothing huge or fancy, just the bridal party and some of our close friends over for beer, games, and food.  I tend to overdo it on the food...but no one complains!

I used coupons to pick up these invitations:

I hand wrote them myself (hooray for gold sharpies) and sent them out about five weeks ahead of time.  It was over Labor Day weekend, so we figured we wanted to give guests enough notice.

I made some simple decor changes:

Not all our loved ones could make it, so I wanted to honor them:

So they'd know we were thinking of them.

I did some crafting:

Target has an awesome selection of gold and polka dotted things!  Since we're using gold as an accent color in the wedding, and I obviously love all things polka dotted, this is a win-win!

We were set up just in the nick of time because guests arrived promptly!

As I previously shared, we had a guest vase for people to sign.  I set up a guest table:

We'll be reusing the "be our guest" sign at the wedding and then in our guest bathroom.  

I'm debating whether or not I want to paint the wood frame gold.  It's cute as is and I'm slightly worried of getting paint on the white sign, but the gold would match both the wedding reception and our bathroom afterward. 

I did "pop" the question to my bridal party (the ones that could attend).  I got small favor boxes and filled them with flavored popcorn. 

I made ones for the groomsmen too...but that wasn't B's style.  

He asked them over beer.  (To be fair, they all popped the kind of counts)

The next day, I called my brother's girlfriend to ask her to be a bridesmaid too.  She said yes of course!

More on my lovely gals later!

We played some games, including:


Ally or Brandan?

This was the game with the mustaches and lips!  Guests answered independently (cough except for the mothers cough), then voted with their response sticks:

I used straw toppers, Popsicle sticks, and hot glue to create these.

We had such a wonderful time with friends and family.  Thank you all for attending!


A & B

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