Saturday, September 12, 2015

I've been productive...kind of

It's seven pm and I haven't started the lesson plans or powerpoint that my grade level needs on Monday...

I'm trying to be productive, I'm just exhausted...and a tad overwhelmed.

I got most of my grading done last night while B was at softball, so I just had that to enter today.  (Our gradebooks are online.)  For perhaps the only time, ever, I am all caught up on my grading.  Progress reports go home on Tuesday and I just have one grade for one child to enter.  It's her beginning of the year fluency grade and she wasn't there on Friday to take it.  Between having her read me the passages and me entering her score, we're looking at five minutes, tops.  Totally doable before Tuesday.

I also took down most of our decorations from our engagement shower last weekend and put up our fall ones.  Once I'm done tidying up, I'll post pictures of our home in all it's fall glory.  I love decorating for seasons (thanks mom!) and have been able to pick up most of my things after each season, when it's gloriously half off.  I like nice things, I just don't like paying full price for them.

I placed a Scholastic book order and was able to pick up some new books for my class.  I love how excited they get by new books.

I ran to the bank and picked up a bunch of groceries at Target.  I had a gift card to use in addition to Cartwheel sales, so I was able to get food for the week (plus dog food and some classroom items) for a great price!

I finished reading their beginning of the year essays, made notes in my writing conference notebook, and have almost all my lesson plans done for this week.

I set up another wedding tour of my favorite venue for tomorrow morning when B's mom and our officiant can join us.  I filled some of the bridesmaids in on what I was thinking in terms of food and colors, but no finalized decisions have been made.

I also took two naps because these back to back (to back to back to back) eleven hour days have been tough.  It's not normally this bad at the beginning of the year.  I started the year feeling behind because I couldn't stay as late as I would have liked with a new puppy.  My birthday was the first weekend of the school year and my mom's visit and our engagement shower was the second, so life trumped work.  (As it should).  Technology did not work on Tuesday because the head in room where the servers are stored was 86 degrees.  It's supposed to be at 72 degrees, so all tech was turned off to cool down the room.  It definitely threw my day for a loop and as a result, the munchkins were a little more rowdy than normal.  Open House was Thursday night, so that made for a fourteen (yes, fourteen) hour day.  

Between all that, thirty three students (one withdrew already) and being near two kinder classrooms, it's no wonder I caught the back to school bug.  Despite lots of water, trying to sleep as much as possible, and copious amounts of onguard, it's only a matter of time.

B is happily enjoying Madden while I finish up lesson plans.  I hope to have all my work done tonight so tomorrow I can focus on finishing tidying the house and reading for pleasure (imagine that!).  

Another teacher commented that it's impossible to feel ahead and that after seven years of teaching, I should know better.  While there is always something else that could be done, I don't necessarily agree with the initial comment.  I've got two more tasks to conquer tonight  and I'll feel in a good place for next week.  (Okay, three tasks if I include the pedicure that's desperately's been 2 months and my polish only started chipping this week.)

However, I've got a nice cup of tea, supportive pets (meaning they are all sleeping and not "helping"), and a lovely finance who is willing to pick up my slack during difficult weeks.

Bring on the rest of September!

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