Saturday, October 3, 2015

Oh...hey October

I'm pretty sure I blinked at here we are in the beginning of October.  I glanced back at my {September Goals} and realized I didn't accomplish all of them.

Here's the recap:

1) Catch up on blogging
      This one is a work in progress!

2) Nail down a wedding date and venue.
      Check! November 11th, 2016 at a gorgeous venue.  Outdoor ceremony, indoor reception.

3) Finish Al Capone Does My Homework
      ...still working on it.

4) Put the house back together
      It's in it's normal state of relative cleanliness. 

5) Decorate for fall
     Done!  Now I need to get out my Halloween decorations!  Yes, I have fall ones and Halloween ones.  I'm not putting the fall ones away, just getting out more pumpkins...with faces.

6) Get Waffles to obedience school
     We've paid for it, we've just got to schedule it.  That's one of our weekend tasks

7) Long term social studies plans
     Yes...and no.  They're evolving as I'm getting more input from the rest of the grade level.  We finished the intermountain region and I got some feedback on things to revise for next year.  The format is way more consistent then last year's, so we're moving in the right direction.  However, there should be more information on why each state has it's specific nickname, what makes a mountain and canyon, and more explicit instruction on the Rocky Mountain range.  All totally valid ideas.

I'll need to tweak that and then re-upload the ppt {here}.  The great thing about TpT is that if I upload a revised product, previous purchasers are able to redownload it for free!

The next region is the West Region.  Ms. C is from California, so she was super eager to sit down and help me include lots of information on that state.  We also imbedded earth quakes (CA), tectonic plates, glaciers (AK), underwater volcanoes (HI), calderas (OR), and volcanoes into the unit, so it hits both our science and social studies standards.

8) Finish thank you cards.
      I need to give Katie hers tonight, but then I'm done!

9) Walking schedule.
     In progress. It's still in triple digits in October.  I've got a sinus infection, so being outside isn't pleasant.  We're working on the walking.

10) Adjust the budget. 
     Another work in progress.  I know feeling this financial crunch won't be forever.  His truck is almost paid off, the security door and dishwasher are almost paid off, and we don't have to make another big wedding payment until July (hallelujah!).  We are both working overtime on things and it's a nice feeling to have a partner who is also making sacrifices for our shared dreams.  I'm working overtime on {Jamberry} and {Younique} parties and online fundraisers, having one here, selling my prep whenever possible (to cover another class that doesn't have a sub), and developing more products for {TpT}.  He's working longer hours, on call for one weekend a month, and looking for grants to help pay for school.  We used up Target gift cards to cut down on expenses and are eating out less.  I didn't really buy any back to school clothes and luckily grading has me so busy that I don't have time to go shopping for fun.

So looking over September's goals, I accomplished about half...and I'm okay with that.  I got sick (curse you nature!). I had work commitments. Life got in the way.

Time to revisit my list and make some {October Goals}.

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